About Us

Creating engaging websites, ideal for your business

We have been consulting with small business owners on their internet marketing presence since 2005. Small business owners often need guidance and brainstorming with someone who can create them a “big business card” which is really what most small business websites are. With every website we create, we are considering your business, and not just handing you a generic template.

We also recognize that small businesses also often have small budgets, and we know that creating a website does not have to be an expensive undertaking. Many of our clients have walked away with a brand new WordPress website for as little as $500, including their first year of hosting. Every client’s need is different, but we always give the most budget conscious recommendations, because this is about YOU having the right tool, not about US making a sale. Truly.

Who is “We”?

The founder of Total Marketing and Consulting Inc is Dara Sklar. She has worked with dozens of small businesses and hundreds of real estate agents since 2005, and is most noted for putting something that seems technically daunting into layman’s terms and giving advice that is genuinely for the betterment of her clients.

Behind the scenes, we also have Shane Reside – a fantastic landscape and architectural photographer who has been serving the real estate, hotel and restaurant industries since 2008. You can take a peek into his passions and recent Photo a Day 2013 project here: http://www.facebook.com/ShaneResidePhotography

Rounding out our winning team is Mae Sagabaen, our technical guru, and the accomplisher of tasks. Want something done? Ask Mae! Her turnaround time is unparalleled and she’s a delight to work with.