Email series: Mailchimp & Keeping your domain safe

I have two tips for you today…

FIRST TIP If you want to communicate by email with your clients, get your list together, and send out an email BEFORE JULY 1st (2014), asking people if they want to receive email from you.I personally recommend Mailchimp as a tool, but there are many other systems out that for this purpose. Just note that if you want to send out emails after July 1st, you need permission to do so before July 1st.

SECOND TIP Domains. Web addresses. www dot. Don’t get scammed. Don’t let your domain expire. Don’t buy domains needlessly.

Some people think that they can improve their website’s chances of being found on google simply by buying domains that are filled with keywords. This is untrue. You will be wasting your money if you go on a domain shopping spree.

Don’t let your domain expire, or let your contact information associated with your domain fall out of date.Your website or email may end up offline, and a little preemptive reassurance that everything is in working order could prevent those disasters!
Go to and type in your website address.
1. Check that the contact info is current (especially your email address)
2. Check the expiry date (and diarize it!)
3. Note who the domain registrar is, and find your login info (then save it!)
And if all else fails, or if this seems daunting, email me and I’ll help.

Don’t fall for this scam. If you own a domain, there’s an excellent chance that you’ve received paper mail, reminding you to renew your domain.What they’re actually offering is a domain transfer – which provides no benefit, and costs you about twice as much as you would otherwise pay. Got one of these? Just shred it.


Decide on a Social Media Strategy

These days, if you’re not involved in some facet of Social Media, you’re definitely missing out on something. However, there are so many platforms and mediums to communicate with your soon-to-be adoring fans, that it can easily make drive any small business to decision paralysis. Not to mention that we’re not all so tech-savvy that we can really be engaging our audiences all the time.

Talk to us. We have a way of making what seems daunting turn into something totally do-able. You don’t need to do everything. Just do something… well. We’ll help you get that ball rolling.

Email Marketing

Your personal, social and business networks are a great way to reach existing and potential clients. Setting up an Email Marketing system is a lot less difficult than it sounds.

We love MailChimp and would love to set you up with it, and show you how to use it… or have you let us send out the material you decide on.

Let’s talk about how best to stay in touch with the biggest source of your business – referrals.

Move Your Website to WordPress

We have recently been moving many clients from older website platforms, over to WordPress. This change is allowing them a more dynamic and more easily kept up-to-date platform for their website.

The brilliant part of this change is that the cost of doing so is really affordable, and all of our work comes with the first year of hosting at no charge. Clients can easily manage the content of their websites themselves, but we are of course always here for support and guidance!

We have more than a dozen website templates to recommend, and customize to your needs.